Coaching Better with Dr. Wade Gilbert

New! Coaching Better Workshop

Maximize the impact of your sport programs and coaching staff

Developed under the direction of world-renowned coach educator Dr. Wade Gilbert, the Coaching Better Workshop is your opportunity to bring together your coaching staffs to examine priorities, build a positive culture and continuity, evaluate and enhance performance, and prepare for success across all sports.

As AD-facilitator, you’ll have everything you need to lead the three-hour workshop with ease. You’ll receive a package of instructor materials that you’ll use to lead your coaches through the workshop’s six modules. The modules correspond with sections of Gilbert’s book, Coaching Better Every Season, and are designed to help you:

  • Develop and adhere to a positive coaching philosophy
  • Build and foster a strong team culture
  • Design and conduct practices that promote athlete development
  • Prepare athletes and teams to compete successfully and achieve peak performance
  • Implement evaluation systems for individual, team, and program improvement
  • Promote professional development and personal well-being

Whether you conduct on an in-service day, a professional development day, or a preseason coaches’ meeting, the Coaching Better Workshop is an efficient way for you as athletic director to ensure the readiness of your coaches.

An even better Coaching Better Workshop
Based on feedback from CBW early adopters, we've made enhancements to workshop ancillaries, including the videos and administrator manual, making for an even better Coaching Better Workshop for facilitators and coaches!

The Coaching Better Workshop is offered in two formats:

The digital option includes the following resources, all of which are accessible electronically (no print materials):

  • Coaching Better Every Season ebook
  • Administrator Manual
  • Coach Workbook
  • Supporting Resources
  • Video Library
  • Presentation package
  • Coach Quiz

Coaching Better Workshop (Digital Version)
ISBN 978-1-4925-9305-8
Price: $99.95

purchase coaching workshop digital product

The print package includes all of the electronic resources that come with the online access, plus the following (in print format):

  • Coaching Better Every season (3 copies)
  • Administrator Manual
  • Coach Workbook (10 copies)
  • Coach Quiz (10 copies)

Coaching Better Workshop (Print Version)
ISBN 978-1-4925-9305-5
Price: $149.95

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Contact information

For more information on implementing the Coaching Better Workshop in your sport programs, contact Mark Allemand at or 800-747-5698, ext.2212.

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About the “Coach Doc”

Dr. Wade Gilbert is an internationally renowned coaching consultant and sport scientist, as well as an award-winning professor in the department of kinesiology at California State University, Fresno. His highly acclaimed book Coaching Better Every Season (2017, Human Kinetics) demonstrates the author's special combination of steeped knowledge of studies in the field, keen understanding of the key principles resulting from that research, and adept communication and teaching skills to inform and benefit coaches, athletes, students and coach educators.

Born and raised in Canada, Gilbert holds degrees in physical education, human kinetics and education and has taught and studied coaching at the University of Ottawa (Canada), UCLA, and Fresno State. He has contributed to over 100 publications, including dozens of scientific articles and book chapters. He also serves as editor-in-chief of the International Sport Coaching Journal and was the lead author for the inaugural USOC Quality Coaching Framework.

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