College/University Course Adoption

Courses available for adoption by colleges and universities include Coaching Principles and Sport First Aid (classroom and online courses available), advanced sport-specific technical and tactical skills courses (online only), and Directing Youth Sports Programs and Officiating Principles online courses. 

Classroom courses

Coaching Principles and Sport First Aid classroom courses are taught by certified instructors. No additional training is necessary for higher education instructors to become certified. For each course, instructors are provided ancillaries (online instructor guide and video clips) for conducting the course. Classroom course materials that a student receives include a textbook (in print book or ebook format), workbook, and test package. Students have the option of taking the course test online or paper-pencil (graded by Human Kinetics Coach Education).

Online courses

Coaching Principles and Sport First Aid are also offered as online courses. Advanced sport-specific courses and Officiating Principles are only offered as online courses. All of our online courses include a textbook (print or ebook; varies by course). In addition to reading assignments, the online courses feature video clips, interactive exercises, audio clips, quizzes, and other activities that put the student in real-life practice and game-day situations. Students take the course test online and receive immediate results.

As an online course adopter, your school is provided with a customized portal page on our site (found under the "Organizations" tab) directing your students to the courses needed for your class. You have the option of having your students buy their course materials directly from us through the portal page or having your bookstore purchase online course packages in quantity to sell through the bookstore.

Instructor agreement

When you adopt our courses, we ask that you sign an instructor agreement. This mainly is to ensure the courses are taught as intended to maintain the integrity of the certification attached to our courses. The agreement also provides all the information you need to administer the courses efficiently.

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Courses available for adoption include the following:

Coaching Principles
Sport First Aid
Coaching Baseball Technical and Tactical Skills
Coaching Basketball Technical and Tactical Skills
Coaching Football Technical and Tactical Skills
Coaching Softball Technical and Tactical Skills
Coaching Tennis Technical and Tactical Skills
Coaching Cheerleading Principles
Coaching Golf Principles
Coaching Soccer Principles
Coaching Swimming Principles
Coaching Strength and Conditioning Principles
Coaching Track & Field Principles
Coaching Wrestling Principles
Directing Youth Sports Programs
Officiating Principles

Browse the course catalog for descriptions of the above courses. 

Additional Benefits of Course Adoption

Testing services

If you choose to offer Coaching Principles or Sport First Aid as a classroom course, your students have the option of taking the course test online or paper-pencil. Hard-copy tests (submitted on scan forms) are processed by Human Kinetics Coach Education within 24 to 48 hours of receipt. Online tests are scored electronically; students receive immediate feedback on test results. Regardless of delivery method, all students who pass are automatically entered in the National Coaches Registry.

Record keeping through the National Coaches Registry

Students who take our courses are entered in this online registry (unless they elect to opt out). Each student's record contains information on courses taken, test scores, course completion dates, and certifications earned. Students have access to their personal NCR entries and can print and email their course transcripts directly from this area of the site. As an instructor, you have access to your students' records through the NCR. With just a few clicks, you can pull up a roster of students and quickly see who has taken and passed your courses and when. The NCR automates your record keeping for you.

Customized website portal page

With the adoption of our online courses, you'll have a customized portal page directing your students on how to purchase and take the courses. You can use this page to communicate course or unit deadlines to students, provide general contact information, or address questions your students may have.