Training Coaches and Officials

Training Coaches
Human Kinetics Coach Education courses are offered online, but our flagship certification courses—Coaching Principles and Sport First Aid—may also be offered as classroom courses led by certified instructors.

A certified instructor hosts a clinic or class using the course textbook and supplemental content featured in the online course. Students/coaches will be required to purchase course materials, either through the Human Kinetics Coach Education website or through your institution. At the end of the course, each student will complete the course test online (access to the test is included with the course materials). The test is automatically graded and upon passing, the student will be able to download their certificate of completion.

Instructors who teach a classroom course will have access to ancillary materials to assist in developing and administering the course. Ancillaries include an instructor guide, video library, and other tools to help with course delivery.

To become a certified instructor to train coaches, you need to complete three steps:

1)  Contact Human Kinetics Coach Education at 800-747-5698 or with your intention to become an instructor.

2)  Complete the course(s) you plan to teach.

3)  Review the instructor materials.

Training Officials
If you’re like many state associations across the country, you’re experiencing a desperate shortage of officials. The Officiating Principles course is a comprehensive and convenient way to train new officials—they simply complete the course and test online, and upon passing the test they can immediately download their certificate of completion. Officiating Principles can be the cornerstone of your officials training program. Contact us at for more information.

Note: If you are a college or university instructor, we offer unique versions of the Coaching Principles and Sport First Aid courses designed specifically for use in higher education. Click here for more information.