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Human Kinetics Coach Education is proud to be a partner with the Virginia High School League (VHSL). The VHSL has adopted Human Kinetics Coach Education courses as meeting its coaching education requirements, with the various courses and options outlined below.

Option 1: Basic VHSL Course
This online course satisfies the VHSL coaching education requirement. The Basic VHSL Course provides an overview of essential coaching principles, sport first aid, and technical and tactical skills training. The course is delivered entirely online (without texts) and takes coaches roughly 6 hours to complete. 

Option 2: VHSL Advanced Coaches Education Course (Coaching Principles and Sport First Aid)
The "advanced" course also satisfies the VHSL coaching education mandate but provides a much more comprehensive learning experience than the Basic VHSL Course. Offered in both classroom and online formats, the components included in the VHSL Advanced Coaches Education Course are Coaching Principles and Sport First Aid. The online courses are purchased separately. Both are available with print textbook or ebook. The ebook versions are less expensive and have no shipping charges. Shipping charges do apply if you purchase the "paperback" versions of the courses. 

Purchase the ebook versions of Coaching Principles and Sport First Aid in the same transaction and get them both for the combined discounted price of $80. Just enter the discount code VHSL at checkout to receive the discount.

If you are an individual coach looking to register for the classroom version of the VHSL Advanced Coaches Education Course, contact the VHSL (see contact information below) for a list of instructors and upcoming clinics in your area.

If you are an instructor or VHSL administrator looking to purchase VHSL Advanced Coaches Education Course packages in bulk to distribute to coaches, call Human Kinetics Coach Education at 800-747-5698. Select option 1 to place your order with Human Kinetics.

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