Coaching Orientation 2nd Edition Online Course

Coaching Orientation 2nd Edition Online Course

ISBN 9781718226708

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This package includes the following:
  • Online reading assignments, video clips, and activities
  • Online Coaching Aid documents
  • Online test
Gleaning material from the Coaching Principles, Sport First Aid, and Coaching [Sport] Technical and Tactical Skills online courses and accompanying texts, Coaching Orientation, Second Edition Online Course, provides up-and-coming coaches with the essentials to step onto the field for the first time. Clocking in at six hours, this course features interactive exercises, engaging graphics, poignant video vignettes, and a quick pace to form a course that is informative, eye-opening, and enjoyable.

After completing the course units, you’ll take the 50-question test online. Upon successfully passing the test, you will be entered in the National Coaches Registry, an online listing of coaches who've completed Human Kinetics Coach Education courses. Sport administrators have access to the registry, allowing them to track coaches' course completion.

Learning Objectives
After completing this course, you should be able to do the following:
  • Develop your personal coaching philosophy and coaching objectives
  • Recognize your role in helping your players develop good character
  • Evaluate and improve your communication skills
  • Describe how to build team chemistry and manage your athletes’ behavior using positive discipline and team rules
  • Recognize how to work effectively with administrators, officials, parents, and the media
  • Recognize what motivates high school athletes and explain how to integrate this knowledge with innovative approaches to learning in order to be an effective teacher
  • Create plans for teaching technical and tactical skills and describe how to effectively teach and practice these skills
  • Identify educational resources for learning about and keeping abreast of sport-specific skills and the latest technological advances in a sport
  • Recognize your legal responsibilities related to managing risk
  • Explain your responsibilities for ensuring the safety of your athletes, including working with other members of the athletic health care team, handling medical and weather emergencies, providing safe athletic facilities and equipment, and coordinating physical exams and medical records
  • Recognize your role in promoting physical fitness with your athletes
  • Develop instructional plans for the season and for individual practices


High school coaches, serious club coaches, college and university undergraduate students, and advanced coaches at the youth level (athletes age 14 and older).
Unit 1. Getting Started
Your Coaching Philosophy
Your Coaching Objectives
Coaching for Character

Unit 2. Building Relationships
Team Chemistry
Working With Others

Unit 3. Teaching Sport Skills
Effective Teaching
Technical and Tactical Skills
Sport-Specific Skills

Unit 4. Keeping Your Athletes Safe
Risk Management
Health and Safety
First Aid
Physical Fitness

Unit 5. Keeping It Organized
Season and Practice Plans
The Manager Coach

Unit 6. Summary
Cooling Down
What’s Next
Established in 1981 and rooted in an athlete-centered philosophy that places the developmental needs of athletes ahead of winning at all costs, Human Kinetics Coach Education courses and resources are customized and widely used by youth sport organizations, state high school associations, school districts, state departments of education, colleges and universities, and national governing bodies of Olympic sports to teach, train, and certify coaches.