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Clemson University

Clemson University offers a Minor Degree in Athletic Leadership. Coaching Principles and Sport First Aid are required and delivered through classroom delivery by Eugene T. Moore School of Education faculty.

The following courses (17 credits) are required to complete the Athletic Leadership Minor Degree at Clemson University:

  • Principles of Coaching: Coaching Principles curriculum required (3 credits);
  • Prevention and Treatment of Athletic Injuries: Sport First Aid curriculum required (3 credits);
  • Psychology of Coaching (3 credits);
  • Exercise Physiology for Coaching (3 credits);
  • Organization and Administration of Athletic Programs (3 credits);
  • Strength and Conditioning for Coaching (1 credit);
  • Coaching Specific Sport Techniques and Tactics (1 credit);
  • Coaching Internship Requirement (P/F).

Contact Information
Clemson University
Contact: Deborah Cadorette
Athletic Leadership Coordinator
Phone: (864) 656-0434

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