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Oakton Community College has adopted the Human Kinetics Coach Education online courses Coaching Principles, Sport First Aid, and IHSA state test.

The Coaching Principles course includes a separate component that covers Illinois High School Association (IHSA) rules and bylaws. The IHSA component is delivered with the Coaching Principles course, so you do not have to purchase it separately.; it's bundled with the Coaching Principles course. 

The IHSA requires all non-faculty coaches to complete the Human Kinetics Coach Education courses Coaching Principles, the IHSA bylaws test, and Sport First Aid as components of its coaching education requirements.  

The Coaching Principles and Sport First Aid courses are available in two formats: with print textbook and with ebook. Either format is acceptable. 

Purchase both ebook versions at the same time and save $20. Use promo code IHSACP at checkout.

After you complete a course, you'll be able to print a certificate of course completion and a course transcript from the website.

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