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Highlands County School District (FL)

The School Board of Highlands County has partnered with Human Kinetics Coach Education to transition coaches eligible for a 3-year temporary Athletic Coaching Certificate issued by the Florida Department of Education (FLDOE) to a 5-year Professional Athletic Coaching Certificate. Coaches must complete a minimum of one online course per academic school year to remain in a paid coaching position with the School Board of Highlands County. 

A 5-year Professional Athletic Coaching Certificate is earned by successfully completing the three online courses and securing a current CPR/AED card. Each online course is equivalent to three (3) semester hours or 60 in-service points.

Care and Prevention of Athletic Injuries - the Sport First Aid online course satisfies this requirement. Coaches must also complete a valid CPR/AED certificate on course obtained from any of the recognized providers listed below:

Approved by the Florida Department of Health (FLDOH):

1. American College of Emergency Physicians
2. AAOS/ACEP Emergency Care and Safety Institute
3. American Safety & Health Institute
4. Florida Emergency Foundation
5. ProCPR, LLC

Provided by the following agencies:

1. South Florida State College
2. School Board of Highlands County (contact Lea Sizemore)
4. Department of Health

Coaching Theory - the Coaching Principles online course satisfies this requirement.

Theory and Practice of Coaching a Specific Sport - the Coaching [Sport] Technical and Tactical Skills online course satisfies this requirement. 

Participants must incur the registration fee for each of the required online courses. Courses must be completed within 12 weeks of registration. Credit will be applied upon submission of a certificate of completion for the course, if taken and completed within the required academic school year. Courses not completed within the 12-week time frame or within required academic school year will not be reimbursed. 

Click here for the Quick Reference Guide to course registration.

Athletic Coaching Certificate Renewal Requirements:

Coaches due to renew their 5-year Athletic Coaching Certificate are required to take Coaching Orientation: SBHC Coaching Certificate Renewal Course. Register for Coaching Orientation by clicking on the corresponding icon in the table below. This is a 4-6 hour course; the registration fee will be reimbursed upon successful completion if completed within 12 weeks of registration. Please note that Coaching Orientation is only available to coaches renewing their Athletic Coaching Certificates; it is not a substitute for Coaching Principles.

Note: Coaches may submit verification of attending a coaches clinic/conference attended during certificate validity period in lieu of Coaching Orientation. A conference agenda must be included.

Renewing coaches must provide documentation of current First Aid and CPR certification as a requirement of certificate renewal. Refer to list of approved providers above.

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Contact: Margaret Provencher, HR Support Services
Phone: 863-471-5732
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Web: www.highlands.k12.fl.us

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