Sarasota County School District

Sarasota County School District in partnership with Human Kinetics Coach Education offers online courses to certify high school coaches in your district and to earn the Florida Department of Education Athletic Coaching Endorsement. Coaches earn certification by successfully completing the three online courses listed below.

  • Coaching Principles, Fifth Edition Online Course - Satisfies Sarasota County Coaching Theory.
  • Sport First Aid, Fifth Edition Online Course - Satisfies Sarasota County Care and Prevention of Athletic Injuries.
  • Advanced sport-specific online courses- Satisfies Sarasota County Sport Specific.

Each course is equivalent to three (3) semester hours or 60 in-service points. Requirements for Florida Coaching Endorsement are nine (9) semester hours or 180 in-service points.

Before purchasing* your online courses, please contact James Slaton (contact information appears below) to register in the Sarasota Coaching Education Program.

Contact Information
Sarasota County School District
Contact: James Slaton
Phone: 941-927-9000, ext. 34120

*Purchase online courses through the Florida School Districts portal page. When you are asked to affiliate with an organization, select “Florida School Districts” from the listing. You will then be asked to select a sub-organization. Select “Sarasota County School District” from the listing.