Ancillary Materials


Did you know most of our textbooks come with ancillaries to help you create a well-organized syllabus, test your students’ understanding, and more? These materials are free to course adopters and granted by your sales representative. Adopt a textbook or contact a sales representative to get access to ancillaries for your course.


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Human Kinetics is pleased to introduce HKPropel, a new ancillary delivery and learning platform! The new platform offers the same ancillary components we currently produce but is more modern and will help us offer additional new ancillary tools, such as free ebooks for instructors.

To access your instructor ancillaries through HKPropel, you must contact a sales representative. Your sales representative will email you an access code along with instructions on how to create an account and navigate the site for the first time.

As we complete our transition to HKPropel, some existing product ancillaries will continue to be hosted in our legacy system. If your instructor ancillaries are not yet available on HKPropel, you can access them through My E-Products. Please contact a sales representative to gain access to the relevant platform for your instructor ancillaries.

Check to see if your ancillary products are available on HKPropel!

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Instructors gain access to the digital version of the text, and can add highlighting, annotations, and bookmarks.

The test package provides you with a wide range of questions designed to assess student understanding of the key concepts in the book. The questions are broken up by chapter, and come in a variety of types, including multiple choice, true-or-false, fill-in-the-blank, and essay. You can build your own tests and quizzes using downloads designed to integrate with your learning management system or to print for a traditional paper-based assessment.

The ready-made chapter quizzes allow you to check students’ understanding of the most important chapter concepts. Each chapter quiz contains 10 true-or-false or multiple-choice questions covering the chapter learning objectives. You can download files for integration with your learning management system or for print as a traditional paper-based quiz.

This guide offers tools to help you successfully deliver the course and often emphasizes areas that students may find difficult to understand. It may include sample course syllabuses, suggested course outlines, reading schedules, and class assignments, as well as key points, key references, case studies, and/or links to online sources.

These ready-made presentations for every chapter of the book feature slides highlighting the key concepts, including images and video clips. The slides can be used within PowerPoint or can be printed for distribution to students. You can easily add, modify, and rearrange the order of the slides.

Usually includes all or most of the figures, content photos, tables, and diagrams contained in the text, sorted by chapter. The images can be used to develop customized presentations based on your specific course requirements. You can also use the images to create handouts for your students. A blank PowerPoint template is also provided that you can use to quickly insert images from the image bank and create your own presentations.

Some texts have accompanying content-specific video clips organized by chapter for easy access.



Instructors have access to all student resources that come with new texts and ebooks. Resources are uniquely created for each product and include tools that directly aid in learning experience for each text’s content. They may include tips, key points, study questions, links to online resources, and/or learning activities, such as video-based projects and self-assessments. Some texts offer video clips demonstrating key concepts in the text and providing an integrated student learning experience.