Coaching Volleyball Technical and Tactical Skills PDF

Coaching Volleyball Technical and Tactical Skills PDF

ISBN 9781492576648

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Written in conjunction with renowned collegiate volleyball coach Cecile Reynaud, Coaching Volleyball Technical andTactical Skills helps coaches teach players essential volleyball skills and transfer the knowledge and ability they gain in practice to matches.

Supplemented by more than 115 photos, this book provides in-depth discussions and coaching cues on the basic and intermediate technical skills of volleyball, both offensive and defensive, and shows how to detect and correct errors in players’ performance.

The book goes a step further than other texts by incorporating the tactical skills of the game, the situational in-game decisions that often affect the outcomes of matches. Some of these tactical skills include aggressive serving, hitting off the block, determining blocking strategies, and defending against quick attacks.

To cultivate tactical skills, you will learn how to employ the tactical triangle, an approach that teaches players how to read a situation, acquire the knowledge they need to make a tactical decision, and apply decision-making skills to the problem. By incorporating game-like situations into your daily practices, you will help players transfer the technical skills they’ve honed in practice to tactical situations during matches.

Well before the first match is played, Coaching Volleyball Technical and Tactical Skills shows you how to establish practice and match routines and address such issues as communicating with players and parents, scouting opponents, and motivating players. To assist with this preparation, the book covers planning at several levels and includes a sample season plan and eight sample practice plans that incorporate small-sided games to help keep you organized.

Through Coaching Volleyball Technical and Tactical Skills, infused with Coach Reynaud’s 26-plus years of collegiate coaching experience, you will improve your performance as a teacher and tactician of the game of volleyball.

Part I Teaching and Evaluating

Chapter 1 Teaching Sport Skills

Chapter 2 Evaluating Technical and Tactical Skills

Part II Teaching Technical Skills

Chapter 3 Offensive Technical Skills

Chapter 4 Defensive Technical Skills

Part III Teaching Tactical Skills

Chapter 5 Offensive Tactical Skills

Chapter 6 Defensive Tactical Skills

Part IV Planning for Teaching

Chapter 7 Season Plans

Chapter 8 Practice Plans

Part V Coaching Matches

Chapter 9 Preparing for Matches

Chapter 10 Before, During, and After the Match

Cecile Reynaud ranked in the top nine in career victories (630 matches over 26 years, including 7 conference championships and 14 postseason appearances) among active Division I coaches when she retired from Florida State University in 2001. She received the prestigious George J. Fischer Volleyball Leader Award from USA Volleyball in 1996 in recognition of her contributions to the sport. Reynaud is a former president of the American Volleyball Coaches Association. Reynaud served 12 years on the USA Volleyball board of directors and 3 years on its executive committee. She is currently a faculty member in the sport management program at Florida State University.

The American Sport Education Program (ASEP), a division of Human Kinetics, is the leading provider of youth, high school, and elite-level sport education programs in the United States. Rooted in the philosophy of “Athletes first, winning second,” ASEP has educated more than 1.5 million coaches, officials, sport administrators, parents, and athletes.

“This newest resource for volleyball coaches, Coaching Volleyball Technical and Tactical Skills, is an essential text for coaches. USA Volleyball Coaching Accreditation Program cadre member Cecile Reynaud is one of the best teachers of the game of volleyball, and her in-depth explanations will be of immediate value to coaches. I recommend this book to any volleyball coach who is serious about bringing their best game to the court.” -- Diana L. Cole, Director of Coaching Education, USA Volleyball

“Cecile Reynaud is one of this country’s most knowledgeable teachers of the sport of volleyball. In gathering all of her insights into one very readable book, she has given a gift to our community that will make any coach better.” -- KathyDeBoer, Executive Director, American Volleyball Coaches Association

“Whether you are a veteran volleyball coach or just beginning your journey, Coaching Volleyball Technical and TacticalSkills is a must-read. Dr. Cecile Reynaud, a veteran coach and professor, brings all elements of the game together. If you want to be a better coach, I wholeheartedly recommend this extraordinary book.” -- Linda Dollar, American Volleyball Coaches Association Hall of Fame Member, 24-Year Missouri State University Head Volleyball Coach