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BRL 2024 Baseball Rules and Regulations PDF

BRL 2024 Baseball Rules and Regulations PDF

ISBN 9781718236929

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Thumbing through pages and pages of rules to find the nugget you're looking for is a thing of the past with BRL 2024 Baseball Rules and Regulations. Developed in response to requests of Babe Ruth League volunteers, the ebook contains regulations and official playing rules for the Cal Ripken Baseball (ages 4-12) and Babe Ruth League Baseball (ages 13-15 and 16-18) divisions.

The electronic version is an exact representation of the 2024 print version of the rules—only it’s in PDF format to be accessible through your computer or handheld device. It features full search capability, allowing you to quickly locate rules and regulations just by typing in a few keywords.

Access to the ebook is through VitalSource. After you make your purchase, you’ll receive an email containing instructions on how to access the PDF through VitalSource.

You’ll never look at rules the same with this convenient electronic rule book!


A resource for youth baseball umpires and coaches participating in Babe Ruth League Baseball and Cal Ripken Baseball programs.
Requirements for charter
Geographical boundary
Background check
Definitions of league, player, sponsor, playing rules
Birth chart
Birth documents, rosters, coaching education
Team composition
Pitching limitations
Player eligibility
Protests and rule interpretations
Re-entry rule and explanation
Local league and tournament play special rules and regulations
Official baseballs
Local league options
Tournament regulations
Tournament league eligibility
Tournament team composition
Tournament player eligibility
Tournament documents
Tournament playing rules
Determination of pool play standings
Tournament jurisdiction
Babe Ruth League powers of district, state, and regional commissioners
Babe Ruth League board of directors
Babe Ruth League official playing rules
Babe Ruth League sportsmanship code
Playing rules index
Babe Ruth League, Inc., is one of the premier amateur baseball and softball programs in the world. With a combined size of over a million players, Babe Ruth League divisions include Cal Ripken Baseball (for ages 4-12), Babe Ruth Baseball (ages 13-18), Babe Ruth Softball, Bambino Buddy Ball, and Xtreme Fastpitch. Founded in 1951 with the belief that every child with a desire to play baseball or softball should be afforded that opportunity, Babe Ruth League is dedicated to teaching baseball skills, furthering athletes’ mental and physical development, instilling respect for the rules of the game, and embracing and promoting the basic ideals of sportsmanship and fair play.