Illinois High School Association (Officials)

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Illinois High School Association (Officials)

Human Kinetics Coach Education has partnered with the Illinois High School Association (IHSA) to offer online training for new IHSA officials. New officials can complete the IHSA Officiating Principles zero-level clinic as part of the clinic requirement for becoming a patched IHSA official. The zero-level clinic can only be taken once; future clinic requirements need to be sport-specific clinics.

You have your choice of two versions of the online course; both meet the IHSA zero-level clinic requirement: 

IHSA Officiating Principles with paperback includes the print textbook Successful Sports Officiating, Second Edition, as a supplementary resource. The book is an excellent reference tool for both new and seasoned officials and is well worth the extra $10 investment in this version of the course (the book alone retails for $24.95). Please allow three to five business days for delivery. The book is yours to keep and is included in the $50 course registration fee.

The second version of the course, IHSA Officiating Principles PDF, does not include the textbook; all the reading material is delivered from within the course. You won't be sent any materials for this version of the course, and no shipping charges apply.

To order either online clinic, click on the course below.

After you complete the online clinic, you can print a certificate of course completion and email a copy of your course transcript for verification purposes. 

For more information on becoming a patched IHSA official, click here.

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