Welcome to our new ecommerce website!

Welcome to our new website—CoachEducation.HumanKinetics.com—dedicated to ecommerce and where all purchases of Human Kinetics Coach Education online courses will be made moving forward.

The new ecommerce site is fully secure and compliant with website https ecommerce security protocols. The move to this new ecommerce site is a proactive measure to ensure the security of customer credit card information.

Please note, however, that this site does not replace our current “legacy site” at www.HumanKineticsCoachEducationCenter.com. Rather, the new ecommerce site operates in tandem with our legacy site, meaning we have two websites, each serving different purposes, at least for the time being.

The legacy site continues to serve as the hub for taking courses and tests, printing certificates, and accessing coaches’ records. After making a course purchase on the ecommerce site, coaches will receive an email directing them to the legacy site to take their course. In addition, Coaching Principles and Sport First Aid instructors will continue to use the legacy site to generate IDs, submit course report forms, and run verification reports, just as they always have.

For our partner organizations (state high school associations, school districts, youth sport organizations, park districts, Catholic diocese, colleges and universities, and national governing bodies) that offer online courses to coaches, students, and officials through customized “portal pages” on our current site, the links to portal pages will automatically redirect to corresponding portal pages on the new site. This means that links and bookmarks that you currently have on your website to your portal page can remain as is; you don’t need to change them on your end. To find your new portal page, visit the Organizations section of the website. 


To buy online courses and to learn more about Human Kinetics Coach Education and our course curriculum, come to our ecommerce website CoachEducation.HumanKinetics.com.

Click here for a tutorial on how to buy online courses through the new website.

To take online courses and tests, to access records and certificates, and to use instructor resources, visit our legacy site at www.HumanKineticsCoachEducationCenter.com.