The International Sport Coaching Framework

Pat Duffy, PhD ©2014
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This webinar outlined the main elements of ISCF, explained the process, rationale and programme theory behind the Framework, and provided initial guidance on how ISCF might act as a reference point for NFs, IFs, National agencies, as well as coaches and coach educators. It also provided the opportunity for questions and discussion relating to ISCF.

Viewers of the webinar will learn:

  • ISCF and terminology to describe coaching as a blended profession
  • Steps and measures to disseminate and apply the Framework
  • Parallel ICCE developments to support the development of coaching as a blended profession across the globe.

Presenter Pat Duffy, PhD, was a professor of sport coaching at Leeds Metropolitan University, UK, and the vice president for Strategy and Development for the International Council for Coaching Excellence (ICCE) and chair of the European Coaching Council.