Coaching Your Best in Competitions

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Competitions provide the moment of truth for coaches and their athletes. Effective game coaching requires coaches to walk the fine line between over-coaching and under-coaching. Over-coaching overwhelms athletes, detracts them from focusing on their performance, and erodes trust. Under-coaching can lead to missed opportunities to teach and reinforce critical skills and strategies, and to prevent downswings in momentum and athletes ‘choking.’ Effective coordination of head coach and assistant coaches’ roles during a contest also will be covered.

Webinar takeaways 

  • Strategies for increasing coach mindfulness and observation skills during games
  • Tips for using ‘teachable moments’ during games to improve athlete skill development
  • Effective use of natural breaks during the game (time-outs, intermission, between events)
  • Cues to anticipate momentum lulls and strategies for regaining momentum

Dr. Gilbert’s areas of expertise include coaching science, talent development, sport and exercise psychology, physical education, and youth sport. He holds degrees in Physical Education, Human Kinetics, and Education from the University of Ottawa in Canada. Following graduation from the University of Ottawa, Wade worked for one year at UCLA in the International Center for Talent Development. Gilbert has more than 20 years of experience in conducting applied research with partners around the world spanning all competitive levels, from youth leagues to World Cup.

He is widely published and is frequently invited to serve as a featured speaker at national and international events. Dr. Gilbert has advised organizations ranging from school districts, collegiate teams, Olympic organizations, and the United Nations on coaching education and sport-related issues.

Dr. Gilbert is editor-in-chief of the International Sport Coaching Journal, a new journal published by Human Kinetics. In addition, Dr. Gilbert serves as an advisor and representative of Human Kinetics, specifically in the area of coach education.