VHSL Advanced Coaching Education Online Course-2nd Edition

VHSL Advanced Coaching Education Online Course-2nd Edition

ISBN 9781718202948

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Course Components
The course contains VHSL-specific content gleaned from the VHSL handbook. The course contains a link to the handbook (housed on the VHSL website) for reference. Each unit concludes with a short quiz. After completing the course, you will be prompted to verify that you’ve completed it.

Course Description
The VHSL State Component Online Course contains organization-specific information that tests coaches on the VHSL by-laws and handbook.


The VHSL State Component Online Course is reserved for those coaches who completed the Coaching Principles and Sport First Aid courses in the past but need to complete the VHSL-specific component/test to satisfy VHSL certification requirements. If you’re a new coach who’s just now seeking VHSL certification, this course is not for you. You will instead purchase either the Coaching Principles course or the Basic VHSL Course, both of which contain the VHSL State Component as part of their curriculum.
Unit 1: Introduction and Welcome from the VHSL
Unit 2: Coaches as Teachers and Mentors
Unit 3: VHSL Eligibility Rules
Unit 4: VHSL: A Member-Driven Organization
Unit 5: Creating a Safe Environment
Sexual Harassment
Social Media
Unit 6: Sportsmanship
Unit 7: Mental Health Awareness
Unit 8: Emergency Action Plan

Established in 1981 and rooted in an athlete-centered philosophy that places the developmental needs of athletes ahead of winning at all costs, Human Kinetics Coach Education courses and resources are customized and widely used by youth sport organizations, state high school associations, school districts, state departments of education, colleges and universities, and national governing bodies of Olympic sports to teach, train, and certify coaches.