Sport First Aid-5th Edition

Sport First Aid-5th Edition

ISBN 9781450468909

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As a coach, you’ll likely be first on the scene when one of your athletes falls ill or suffers an injury. Are you prepared to take action in a medical emergency?

Sport First Aid provides high school and club sport coaches with detailed action steps for the care and prevention of more than 110 sport-related injuries and illnesses.

Organized for quick reference, Sport First Aid covers procedures for conducting emergency action steps; performing the physical assessment; administering first aid for bleeding, tissue damage, and unstable injuries; moving an injured athlete; and returning athletes to play.

The new edition explains the latest CPR techniques from the American Heart Association; guidelines for the prevention, recognition, and treatment of concussion from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; and guidelines for the prevention of dehydration and heat illness from the National Athletic Trainers’ Association.

Beyond simply treating injuries and illnesses, Sport First Aid seeks to prevent them from occurring in the first place. Included are strategies for reducing athletes’ risk of injury or illness, such as establishing a school-based medical team, implementing preseason conditioning programs, creating safe playing environments, planning for weather emergencies, ensuring proper fit and use of protective equipment, enforcing sport skills and safety rules, and developing a medical emergency plan. Sample forms, checklists, and plans take the work out of developing these documents from scratch.

With Sport First Aid, you and your coaching staff will be prepared to make critical decisions and respond appropriately when faced with athletes’ injuries and illnesses.

Sport First Aid is the text for the Sport First Aid, Fifth Edition Online Course, offered through Human Kinetics Coach Education and recognized by numerous state high school associations and school districts as meeting coach education and certification requirements. For more information on Human Kinetics Coach Education courses and resources, call 800-747-5698 or visit

Part I Introduction to Sport First Aid

Chapter 1 Your Role on the Athletic Health Care Team

Chapter 2 Sport First Aid Game Plan

Part II Basic Sport First Aid Skills

Chapter 3 Anatomy and Sport Injury Terminology

Chapter 4 Emergency Action Steps

Chapter 5 Physical Assessment and First Aid Techniques

Chapter 6 Moving Injured or Sick Athletes

Part III Sport First Aid for Specific Injuries

Chapter 7 Respiratory Emergencies and Illnesses

Chapter 8 Head, Spine, and Nerve Injuries

Chapter 9 Internal Organ Injuries

Chapter 10 Sudden Illnesses

Chapter 11 Weather-Related Problems

Chapter 12 Upper Body Musculoskeletal Injuries

Chapter 13 Lower Body Musculoskeletal Injuries

Chapter 14 Facial and Scalp Injuries

Chapter 15 Skin Problems

Melinda J. Flegel has 27 years of experience as a certified athletic trainer. For 13 years, she was head athletic trainer at the University of Illinois SportWell Center, where she oversaw sports medicine care and injury prevention education for the university’s recreational and club sport athletes.

As coordinator of outreach services at the Great Plains Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation Center in Peoria, Illinois, Flegel provided athletic training services to athletes at more than 15 high schools and regularly consulted with their coaches about sport first aid. As the center’s educational program coordinator and an American Red Cross CPR instructor, Flegel gained valuable firsthand experience in helping coaches become proficient first responders.

Flegel has taught a sports injury course at the University of Illinois. She holds master’s and bachelor’s degrees from the University of Illinois, is a member of the National Athletic Trainers’ Association and the National Strength and Conditioning Association, and has been a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist since 1987.

In addition to writing Sport First Aid, Flegel has written several book chapters, including Injury Prevention and First Aid for the Health on Demand textbook.