LA84 Foundation's Art of Coaching Online Course

LA84 Foundation's Art of Coaching Online Course

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Online Course


LA84 Foundation and Southern California Municipal Athletic Federation (SCMAF) are pleased to offer a new online training course for SCMAF youth coaches.
Developed in conjunction with leading coaching education provider American Sport Education Program (ASEP), the LA84 Foundation’s Art of Coaching course provides coaches of any sport with fundamentals in the areas of coaching philosophy, communication, team management, and sport first aid, supplemented by content specific to LA84 and SCMAF programs.
LA84 Foundation’s Art of Coaching is a 1.5-hour course designed to help coaches 
  • learn more about the LA84 Foundation and how the organization supports Southern California coaches;  
  • understand how to effectively communicate with athletes, fellow coaches, administrators, and officials; and  
  • provide basic first aid. 
Through a variety of interactive scenarios, coaches will gain valuable coaching knowledge prior to ever stepping out on the court or field. The online course features the PDF-based text Coaching Essentials, video and audio clips, Flash animation, and interactive activities and quizzes to offer an engaging, informative experience. Coaches are directed to read sections of the e-text and participate in online activities as they progress through the course. Various coaching forms, assessments, safety checklists, and sample season and practice plans are provided as convenient downloads that can be saved and printed for future use.
The course concludes with a 30-question test that is taken online; coaches receive their scores immediately after submission. SCMAF coaches who complete the course with a score of 80 percent or better can print a certificate of course completion from the Web site to document their SCMAF Coaching Education Program Level 1 certification.


This course and its components are provided entirely online; no resources will be sent to you.