Directing Youth Sports Programs Online Course PDF

Directing Youth Sports Programs Online Course PDF

ISBN 9781492589662

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To be an effective youth sport program director, you need to know a little about everything. Finance. Human resources. Risk management. Marketing. Event planning. The Directing Youth Sports Programs online course is your vehicle for putting that knowledge into practice by giving you the tools you need to get the job done.

Based on the text Directing Youth Sports Programs written by Human Kinetics founder Rainer Martens PhD, this practical, hands-on course is designed to help you:

-Develop a sound program philosophy and compatible policies
-Implement a system for recruiting, selecting, educating, and evaluating coaches
-Involve parents to make youth sport a family affair
-Evaluate and reduce risks
-Increase fundraising and sponsorship revenue
-Evaluate and improve event management

The course includes more than 50 electronic forms and practice exercises that you can use as is or modify to your needs. It also includes a Sport Event Planner, an indispensable tool to guide you through the process of planning youth sport events.

Novice and experienced administrators alike will appreciate the real-world application this course brings. Register today!


The text Directing Youth Sports Programs, written by Rainer Martens, is provided as a PDF and is accessible through the online course. No print materials will be sent to you for this course.