Baseball Drill Book, The

Baseball Drill Book, The

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Seventeen of the game's top collegiate coaches have teamed up with the American Baseball Coaches Association (ABCA) to bring you the game's most comprehensive assortment of practice activities.

The Baseball Drill Book features 198 drills proven to improve individual and team performance. Former Fresno State coach Bob Bennett, Ripon College's Gordie Gillespie, Lewis-Clark State's Ed Cheff, Wichita State's Gene Stephenson, and South Carolina's Ray Tanner are among the greats who present their best practice drills and insights for improving these skills:

-Conditioning and warm-up

-Throwing and catching

-Base running and sliding

-Hitting and bunting



-Offensive and defensive tactics
Each drill follows a concise format. First, the primary skill or tactic to be enhanced is identified, then procedure and setup details are provided. Illustrations for proper technique are also included, followed by coaching insight to help you sharpen players' understanding of the game's finer points. Glean tactical advice such as how to get a teammate home from third when a key run is needed and how to “sit on” certain pitches while at the plate. Drill modifications are included so that each drill can be modified to fit specific needs.

Additional chapters explain how to effectively and efficiently incorporate drills in practice sessions and to simulate game situations. In all, The Baseball Drill Book provides the essential link between initial skill learning and winning performance on the diamond.

Table of Contents

Key to Diagrams

Part I Effective Applications
Chapter 1 Incorporating Drills Into Practices
Bob Bennett
Chapter 2 Performing and Conducting Drills
Bob Bennett
Chapter 3 Making Drills Gamelike
Bob Bennett

Part II Physical Training
Chapter 4 Conditioning Drills
Chapter 5 Warm-Up Drills
John Savage

Part III Fundamental Skills
Chapter 6 Catching Drills
Jack Smitheran
Chapter 7 Throwing Drills
Jim Brownlee
Chapter 8 Sliding Drills
Bob Warn

Part IV Offensive Skills
Chapter 9 Hitting Drills
Rick Jones
Chapter 10 Bunting Drills
Gordon Gillespie
Chapter 11 Base-Running Drills
Rich Alday

Part V Defensive Skills
Chapter 12 Infielder Drills
Sonny Pittaro
Chapter 13 Outfielder Drills
Jim Wells
Chapter 14 Catcher Drills
Pete Dunn
Chapter 15 Pitcher Drills
Steve Smith

Part VI Team Tactics
Chapter 16 Offensive Team Drills
Gene Stephenson and Jim Dimick
Chapter 17 Defensive Team Drills
Ray Tanner
Chapter 18 Game Situation Drills
Bob Todd and Bob Bennett

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The American Baseball Coaches Association (ABCA) is the largest baseball coaching organization in the world and includes coaches from every U.S. state and hundreds of international members. The association's mission is to improve the level of baseball coaching worldwide. The ABCA assists in the promotion of baseball and acts as a sounding board and advocate on issues concerning the game. In addition, the ABCA promotes camaraderie and communication among all baseball coaches, from the amateur to professional levels. The ABCA also gives recognition to deserving players and coaches through several special sponsorship programs. It is an organization that has grown steadily in membership, prestige, and impact in recent years. The ABCA's headquarters is located in Mount Pleasant, Michigan.


From Scholastic Coach & Athletic Director
"Seventeen of the game's top collegiate coaches have teamed up with the ABCA to pen a comprehensive assortment of practice activities."