Coaching Principles Fourth Edition FAQ

Author: ASEP Marketing 04/24/2012

Coaching Principles Fourth Edition
Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long can I continue to teach the current Coaching Principles course?
A: You may continue to teach the current edition of Coaching Principles for as long as there are course packages available. If you have an inventory of current course packages, feel free to use them for upcoming clinics. You may order current course packages while supplies last. When the supply of current course packages runs out, they will no longer be available. At that point, you will only be able to purchase the new edition.

Q: What do I do with course packages I currently have on hand?
A: If you have an inventory of current course packages, you may use them for upcoming clinics; there is no expiration date for the current course. However, if you’d prefer to switch to the new edition right away, you may return any unopened course packages for a credit toward your next purchase of new course packages.

Q: What do I do with my old textbook, instructor guide, and DVD?
A: Once you have received your new instructor materials, you may discard the old instructor materials. They are not to be returned to ASEP.

Q: Will I need to recertify to teach the new edition of Coaching Principles?
A: No, active Coaching Principles instructors do not need to recertify to teach the new version. However, we do encourage you to view a recorded instructor training webinar detailing the new course materials, content, and procedures. Here's a link to the recording.

Q: How will new instructors become certified moving forward?
A: New Coaching Principles instructors will need to complete the Coaching Principles course and pass the test at 90 percent or better and participate in instructor training. Contact Russell Wambles at Russellw@hkusa or  (217) 351-5076 ext. 7653 for more information.

Q: How do I obtain my new Coaching Principles instructor materials?
A: You can access electronic copies of the instructor guide and workbook upon request of your sales representative. Hard-copy instructor materials (including a print copy of Successful Coaching, Fourth Edition, instructor guide 3-ring binder, Coaching Principles Workbook, classroom DVD, and test packet) will be shipped to you with your first order of classroom course packages.

Q: I’m interested in offering the e-book version of Coaching Principles to my coaches. How does that work?
A: With Coaching Principles Classroom Course with e-book, the Successful Coaching text is delivered as an e-book, which is accessed through the Coaching Principles Online Component (classroom course participants receive a key code in their course packages providing access to this online resource). You order e-book classroom course packages in bulk just like you’ve always done. Instructions for accessing the e-book are included in the classroom course packages that you'll provide to your coaches at your clinic. The Successful Coaching e-book is delivered through Adobe Digital Editions (available as a free download). After gaining access to the online component, coaches download the e-book using ADE to a home computer or laptop. From there the e-book can be transferred to a hand-held device. Click here for additional e-book access instructions.

Q: What is the cost of the new Coaching Principles course package?
A: The base price for Coaching Principles Classroom and Coaching Principles Online Courses are $70 each (these include print textbooks). Coaching Principles Classroom Course with e-book and Coaching Principles Online Course with e-book are $60 each (these courses include an e-book rather than the print text). Course prices vary from state to state. The states of CA, IL, VA, and WV have state-specific components included with the Coaching Principles course. Contact Russell Wambles at or  (217) 351-5076 ext. 7653 for more information on state-specific course pricing.

Q: What is included in the new Coaching Principles course package provided to the coach/student?
A: The course package includes Successful Coaching, Fourth Edition text (e-book or print), Coaching Principles Workbook (previously Coaching Principles Classroom Study Guide), Coaching Principles Online Component, and test package (for classroom course).

Q: What is the ‘Coaching Principles Online Component’?
A: Coaches and students who attend a Coaching Principles classroom course will receive access to the Coaching Principles Online Component, which is an online supplement to the classroom course. The online component contains 20 units leading participants chapter by chapter through the Successful Coaching textbook. It includes interactive activities, audio clips, video vignettes, self-evaluations, and unit quizzes. The online component helps coaches and students prepare for the Coaching Principles course test and serves as an excellent and convenient coaching reference for a full year. The online component also contains a link to the Successful Coaching e-book. Instructions for accessing the online component are included in the course package that your coaches or students receive.