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Greater Youth Sports Association (GYSA) has adopted Human Kinetics Coach Education coach and officials education curriculum as part of GYSA sports program. We believe that through continued education you are investing in yourself and in the process becoming more qualified, so in return with GYSA you can earn more income from your services.

As a coach or official, you should have your recommended or required course completed prior to your start date. Once you have completed a course, you can print or email your transcript record as proof of completion.  

As a coach, online sport-specific courses and the Sport First Aid course are required if you are interested in becoming a Head Coach for the organization. The Sport First Aid course is available in your choice of two formats: with print textbook or with ebook. Either format is acceptable.
  • Sport First Aid (required)
  • Coaching Essentials 
  • Coaching Youth Flag Football 
  • Coaching Youth Basketball
  • Coaching Youth Soccer
  • Coaching Youth Cheerleading


  • Officiating Principles is required in order to becoming an GYSA game official.

To purchase, click on the online course below. 

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