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Chicago Public Schools Athletics and Sports Programs must promote the positive development of our student-athletes outside of the traditional classroom, on the field, in the gym, on the track, in the training room. To enhance our ability to do that, the CPS endorses a comprehensive professional development program for all our athletic coaches. The program consists of three courses delivered by Human Kinetics Coach Education: Coaching Principles, Sport First Aid, and an IHSA by-laws course to meet the Illinois High School Association (IHSA) coaching requirements.

I have spent my entire career in coaching and athletic administration, and now more than ever see the value of such professional development opportunities. A coach is often among the most influential people in a young person’s life. So it is imperative that we are prepared to guide our student-athletes in a positive manner, helping them to be successful, not just in sports, but also in their schools and in their communities.

Study the information below and complete the three courses in this professional development program for CPS coaches. Your student-athletes, teams, and you will benefit from it.

Good coaching!

Thomas Trotter
CPS Department of Sports Administration
Executive Director

IHSA required courses

Human Kinetics Coach Education courses that meet the Illinois coaching education requirements are listed below. Non-faculty coaches must pass three exams before coaching at an IHSA-member school. These exams are contained in the following courses

  • IHSA Coaching Principles course
  • IHSA by-laws course
  • Sport First Aid course

Please note that the IHSA by-laws course is a separate course with a separate test. The IHSA by-laws course is delivered with the Coaching Principles course, but it is a separate course and test.

Course options for CPS coaches Coaching Principles and Sport First Aid online courses include accompanying textbooks that are included in the course price. The textbooks are available as ebooks or print texts. 

When you've completed a course, you have the ability to print a certificate of course completion from the website and email a course transcript.

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Director of Sports Administration
Chicago Public Schools
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