Coaching Soccer Principles Online 2nd Edition With Ebook

Coaching Soccer Principles Online 2nd Edition With Ebook

ISBN 9781718211285

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Course Components
The course fee includes the ebook Skills & Strategies for Coaching Soccer, Second Edition; access to the course outline; downloadable forms, checklists, and evaluations (provided as PDFs within the course); and an online test. You will have immediate access to the course upon purchase; nothing will be shipped to you.

Course Description
This course features sport-specific content based on the Skills & Strategies for Coaching Soccer, Second Edition, text (delivered as an ebook), plus content gleaned from the Human Kinetics Coach Education course Coaching Principles.

Learning Objectives
After completing this course, you will be able to do the following:
  • Discuss the importance of putting winning into the proper perspective and developing your personal coaching philosophy.
  • Identify the basic principles of coaching.
  • Develop your personal coaching philosophy.
  • Determine your coaching objectives.
  • Select a coaching style that fits your personality and complements your coaching philosophy.
  • Identify the value of character development for your athletes and select character development skills to teach.
  • Explain the elements of coaching diverse athletes.
  • Recognize and teach the skills necessary for effective ball control.
  • Recognize and teach the basic techniques of short passing.
  • Recognize and teach the basic techniques of long passing.
  • Introduce decision-making situations for both the passer and the receiver.
  • Teach the physical skills of dribbling.
  • Teach the mental aspects of dribbling.
  • Recognize and teach the various ways of striking the ball.
  • Recognize and teach the skill of shooting.
  • Recognize and teach the skill of heading.
  • Recognize and teach the skill of goalkeeping.
  • Recognize and teach the skill of supporting the defense.
  • Recognize and teach first defender skills.
  • Recognize and teach second defender skills.
  • Examine the techniques of the three basic tackles.
  • Determine how you will incorporate the games approach into your practice plans.
  • Describe how to effectively teach technical skills.
  • Be able to introduce the concepts related to team play.
  • Recognize the nine principles of team play.
  • List and discuss the three principles common to both attack and defense.
  • Explain the six principles of attack and defense.
  • Analyze the four most common modern systems of play.
  • Determine how to select a system that best accommodates the strengths and weaknesses of individual players.
  • Design or modify a system to suit the needs of your team.
  • Apply the techniques and strategies of planning a practice.
  • Introduce advanced tactics in defense, midfield, and attack.
  • Introduce and examine a series of moves and strategies for three kinds of set plays.
  • Describe how to effectively teach tactical skills.
  • List the benefits of planning for teaching.
  • Explain how to prepare your athletes physically for a game.
  • Identify the types of players that can be difficult to coach.
  • Explore ways of working with difficult players and their parents.
  • Identify the fitness elements that collectively produce well-conditioned athletes.
  • Understand the importance of diet, nutrition, and hydration to your athletes.
  • Identify ways of communicating effectively with your athletes.
  • Outline strategies for motivating your athletes.
  • Describe methods of managing your athletes’ behavior.
  • Outline the basics of training the body for physical activity.
  • Explain the concept of energy fitness.
  • Describe ways of increasing muscular fitness and why it's important for your athletes.
  • Explain how the body fuels itself.
  • Understand your role in preventing substance abuse in your athletes.


The course is designed to help coaches learn how to teach the technical and tactical skills of soccer and is suitable for high school coaches, serious club coaches, college and university undergraduate students, and advanced coaches at the youth level.
Part I. Preparing to Coach
Part II. Skills and Techniques
Part III. Tactics and Teamwork
Part IV. Team Management
Established in 1981 and rooted in an athlete-centered philosophy that places the developmental needs of athletes ahead of winning at all costs, Human Kinetics Coach Education courses and resources are customized and widely used by youth sport organizations, state high school associations, school districts, state departments of education, colleges and universities, and national governing bodies of Olympic sports to teach, train, and certify coaches.