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Leon County Schools (FL)

Leon County Schools in partnership with Human Kinetics Coach Education, offers Coaching Principles, Sport First Aid, and advanced sport-specific courses to meet the Florida Department of Education Coaching Endorsement certification. Coaches are required to complete the Coaching Principles online course, Sport First Aid online course, a sport-specific online course, and a four-hour CPR/AED course to gain the Department of Education Coaching Endorsement. A CPR/AED certificate must be submitted upon completion of the Sport First Aid course.

Certification is earned by successfully completing the required online courses and completing written assignments in consultation with your school Athletic Director or the county Athletic Director. 

Coaching Principles and Sport First Aid online courses include textbooks that are available as e-books or printed texts. Either format is acceptable.

With the e-book version, you gain immediate access to your course, the course is more affordable, nothing is shipped to you, and you avoid shipping charges. 

Purchase the e-book versions of Coaching Principles and Sport First Aid at the same time and save $20! Use promo code FLCP at checkout.

The print-book versions provide you with the tangible benefits of having a physical book at your fingertips. The drawbacks are that you have to wait for the books to be shipped to you and you pay for shipping.

Purchase Coaching Principles and Sport First Aid with paperback* at the same time and save $20! Select the bundled course from the listing below (shipping charges apply).

* Please note that when purchasing a bundled course package with paperback, you will not have immediate access to your courses. You will need to wait for the course materials to be shipped to you. These materials include the print textbooks and key code letters. Key codes are required to “unlock” your online courses on the website.

When you've completed a course, you have the ability to print a certificate of course completion. This feature is found under the National Coaches Registry area of the site. We recommend that you print a course completion certificate for each course completed.

Contact Information
Ricky Bell
Leon County Athletic Director
Phone: 850-487-7364
E-mail: bellr@mail.leon.k12.fl.us

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