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Welcome Catholic Youth Ministry coaches!

The basic Catholic Coaching Essentials online training satisfies the coaching education recertification requirements set forth by the Catholic Diocese of Wilmington. As the exclusive coaching education provider to NCYOS (National Catholic Youth Organization Sports), ASEP has designed customized online coaching courses incorporating faith-based content. The courses carry the endorsement of NCYOS. While coaches in the Catholic Diocese of Wilmington are required to complete Coaches Training Part II and offer basic Catholic Coaching Essentials  online course for recertification, it is highly recommended that coaches also take the sport-specific course for the sport they are coaching. Coaches taking basic Catholic Coaching Essentials and the sport-specific course will be nationally certified and recognized by NCYOS. NOTE: It is important to understand that coaches must have completed CYM Coaches Training Part I no earlier than two (2) years prior to taking this online course and are responsible for the cost of this online training. Some parishes/schools may reimburse coaches for this training however CYM will NOT make any reimbursements. It is the responsibility of the coach to follow up with their parish/school to determine the reimbursement policy of the said parish/school.


Catholic Coaching Essentials (prerequisite to sport-specific courses listed below)
ATTN CYM COACHES–To begin basic Catholic Coaching Essentials, please click here

The below individual sports courses can be taken once the basic Catholic Coaching Essentials course has been completed and are optional for CYM coaches:

Catholic Coaching Baseball Essentials
Catholic Coaching Basketball Essentials
Catholic Coaching Flag Football Essentials
Catholic Coaching Tackle Football Essentials
Catholic Coaching Soccer Essentials
Catholic Coaching Softball Essentials
Catholic Coaching Tennis Essentials
Catholic Coaching Volleyball Essentials
Catholic Coaching Wrestling Essentials

To register for any of the online courses, click on the appropriate icon(s) in the table below. From the course page, click the "add to cart" link.

Contact Information
Catholic Diocese of Wilmington
Contact: Joe McNesby, Director of CYM Sports
Phone: 302-658-3800

Online courses required or recommended by CYM-Diocese of Wilmington