Catholic Coaching Volleyball Essentials Online Course-PDF

Catholic Coaching Volleyball Essentials Online Course-PDF

ISBN 9780736069588

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Online Course

Course Components
The course fee includes access to the online course and test, reading materials (provided as PDFs), one-year access to the course and Coaching Aids (PDF downloads), automatic test scoring, certificate of course completion printable from the website, and entry in the National Coaches Registry. Nothing will be shipped to you, and you will have immediate access to the course upon purchase.

Course Description
Catholic Coaching Volleyball Essentials focuses on how coaches teach the offensive and defensive skills and tactics of volleyball.

Course units are as follows:
1.    Understand the basic rules of the game
2.    Teach three specific offensive tactics
3.    Teach three specific defensive tactics
4.    Teach four offensive and two defensive skills


This course is for coaches of athletes ages 6 to 13 participating in a recreational, noncompetitive setting. Completion of the Catholic Coaching Essentials online course is a prerequisite to this course.