PONY Baseball and Softball

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PONY Baseball and Softball

PONY Baseball and Softball has partnered with Human Kinetics Coach Education to provide online training and certification for PONY coaches.

As the exclusive coaching education provider to PONY, Human Kinetics maintains the PONY Coaches Education Program website through which PONY-branded online coaching youth baseball and softball courses are delivered to the organization’s 120,000-plus coaches.

"Coaching education is paramount to a successful baseball and girls softball playing experience," stated Abraham Key, President and CEO of PONY Baseball and Softball. "A well trained and educated coach will make a significant difference in the success and development of a player and a team. We're confident that, backed by Human Kinetics' years of coaching education expertise and experience, the PONY Coaching Education Program will provide the ultimate coaching education opportunity for our coaches, and we strongly recommend that all of our coaches participate in the program."

The courses include:

  • PONY Coaching Youth Baseball
  • PONY Coaching Youth Softball

The courses are available for purchase through the PONY Coaches Education Program website www.PONYcoaching.org.

PONY Baseball and Softball is designed to "Protect Our Nation's Youth" by providing experiences in youth baseball and softball that will help young people grow into healthier and happier adults.

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