Welcome to an exclusive group of coaches!

Welcome to an exclusive group of coaches!

We commend you for your commitment to coaching, your willingness to learn and improve, and your desire to provide the most positive sport experience possible for the athletes you coach.

By successfully completing your course, your name is listed in the National Coaches Registry, an online listing of coaches. Administrators use this online resource to verify coaches’ course completion, so it’s beneficial to both you and them that your name appears in the registry.

To document your achievement, you can print a course completion certificate from the website. You can also email your course transcript to anyone who may need to verify your records. To access these features, sign-in to the site and click the “Print My Certificate” tab on the home page.

Your coaching education need not end with the course you just completed. Human Kinetics has a variety of coaching resources you can tap into to further your coaching skills and knowledge:

• Complete additional courses and take your coaching to an even higher level. Visit the Course Catalog for a list of courses, including our latest sport-safety courses ConcussionWise, HeatWise, and CardiacWise from Sport Safety International.

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Welcome to an exclusive club of coaches. We’re proud of your accomplishment, and we encourage you to further your knowledge of coaching through the many resources available to you through Human Kinetics. Just as you expect your athletes to improve their skills and understanding of the game, we encourage you to strive to be the best coach you can be.